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About us

Connect, celebrate and engage

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The German Alumni Association connects, celebrates and engages alumni and friends of St Andrews to build lifelong relationships that support the future of our University. The University of St Andrews German Association is the central body governing all University of St Andrews Alumni clubs in Germany. As a not-for-profit organiation, we are committed to fostering the growing network of former St Andrews students who have come to live and work in Germany following their studies.


Our objectives are to promote the welfare of the University of St Andrews by promoting a life-long connection to the institution and its student body, and to foster social and fraternal fellowship among former St Andreans across cities in Germany. In collaboration with the Association, the four Alumni clubs host a series of termly events, to which all alumni and friends of the University are cordially invited.


For more information on the University of St Andrews' Alumni activities, please refer to their website

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